Stock services

Spekking offers its clients more than just a complete range of high-quality products. The 20/80 rule often applies to these products as well. The purchase costs of the product make up 20% of the total costs. The other 80% consists of costs incurred in order to get the right products to the right place at the right time.

With our Spekking Supply Service you can significantly lower the costs. In accordance with the wishes and instructions of the client a well-ordered inventory is established on-site, complete with labelling. At the agreed frequency this inventory is checked by one of the Spekking Supply Service employees and replenished so the desired numbers are in place again. In this way you save a lot of time, money and worries. You will never again run out of the necessary items. Our Spekking Supply Service is trustworthy, stays in control, generates returns and offers peace of mind. 

Apart from a warehouse, the Spekking Branches also have an expert internal and external service who help and advise the clients. Clients can approach Spekking with all their questions and be confident that they will receive expert advice. 

Apart from the usual means of communication such as telephone, fax and email, you can also electronically transmit your orders to Spekking. With the special ordering system / webshop it is becoming even easier. 

Advantages of the Spekking Supply Service: 

  1. The product inventory is checked every two weeks (or every [other] month) to see if the agreed upon number of products is still in place. If necessary, the inventory is replenished. 
  2. These additions to the inventory can also take place at more than one location in a single region if you have various warehouse locations. 
  3. You are certain to always have a sufficient inventory, and you'll never have too much either. 
  4. Once every six months the deliveries are evaluated together with you in order to make any adjustments (for instance a larger or smaller inventory, more or fewer replenishments per month). 
  5. Out-of-date inventory is taken back by us and credited to your account. 
  6. If multiple deliveries are made per month, it is possible for us to send you one general invoice per month in order to limit the number of invoices as much as possible.
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