IsoFalt HQ

IsoFalt High Quality consists of a dry granulate coated with bitumen. After drying and cooling, the product can be processed cold and the material can be activated by heating. After heating, a liquid, warm and waterproof asphalt mixture is created. After cooling, depending on the outside temperature, the material is hard and in its final form.


Important features

  • Repair can be seen as a general rehabilitation.
  • Applicable as an alternative to milling and other definitive repairs.
  • Can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Durable product for the repair of industrial sites where forklift trucks drive.
  • Easy to apply without major tools.
  • No adhesive required, except for concrete sub-base.
  • Material has infinite shelf life if stored frost-free.

Packaging unit

Packed in 12 kg buckets.
396 kg per pallet.