Catalog Infratechnology


Spekking offers an extensive range of products for repairing small asphalt and/or concrete damage. Our products main distinguishing qualities are their simple processing and competitive price/quality ratio. This makes Spekking the supplier for infrastructure products to government institutions, contractors, road builders and road marking contractors.

Infrastructure technology supply programme

  • Various types of asphalt repair products
  • Joint and bitumen tapes
  • Hot and cold joint fillers
  • Prefab thermoplastic road markings
  • Marking paint, bitumen tack primer and bitumen remover
  • Various accessories and tool

Spekking has a solution for every application; regardless of whether it involves emergencies, asphalt for an urgent repair on the motorway or an asphalt repair at an industrial site. In addition to having an extensive supply programme, Spekking also offers advice about the processing of various products. The quality of products is assured and the service life of the road will clearly be longer through workshops and demonstrations on site.

The one-stop shopping principle has been our trademark for quite a while now. Please allow us to make recommendations personally about which product can serve your purpose best. The full supply programme of infrastructure products can be ordered online (through our webshop).